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How to book



In order to make the reservation process as smooth as possible,
Smart Sail has prepared the following note describing the customary
booking procedure for your yachting holidays:


Please provide us with your full name, desired dates or periods, number of parties or preferred type/size of the yacht, and any special requests you might have at this stage. Please note that the departures & returns of charters are usually scheduled for Saturdays.

The duration of charters is generally 1, 2 or 3 full weeks.

The more information we get from you, the more appropriate choices we can propose. Usually you can expect an answer within the same day. Our proposal will often include more than one available yacht, her equipment, prices and discounts – all of which serving to meet your requirements.

Step 2 – OPTION

After you receive information on the available yachts and prices, and are genuinely interested in one or more yachts, you should inform Smart Sail to keep the yacht(s) for you for a while. In such case, we will reserve one or a maximum of two of the previously offered available yachts under ‘Option’ for a maximum period of 3 days.

This means that the boat is kept for you for one week – until your final decision is made. If you do not confirm the booking during this time period, the ‘Option’ will automatically be cancelled.

Step 3 – BOOKING

Once you consider your booking fixed and final, please confirm this in writing by sending us the dates, bases, the exact price, extras, and other special requirements or useful information. Then we will immediately reconfirm the booking by giving you a charter code number reference. In our future correspondence, we kindly ask you to always refer to the charter code. You will receive by email the contract, and all necessary payment and charter information. A ‘hard copy’ can also be mailed to you if necessary.


We prefer sending all documents by email, but if you prefer to receive them by postal mail, this option is also available upon request.

Right after we provide you with Smart Sail confirmation and charter code number reference, we will also send you the following:

– 2 copies of the contract signed by us (Charter Party); one is for you, and the second one is to be mailed back to Smart Sail upon signing, complete with your passport number and credit card details.
– Invoice/charter statement and costs analysis.
– An empty crew list for you to fill out and send back to us.
– A blank provisioning list for you to fill out (if you wish so) and send back to Smart Sail.

To ensure we have all the documents necessary, we will require from you complete copies of the Skipper’s and, if available, Co-Skipper’s Certificate for each respective charter.

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Smart Sail Eco Charter was founded by true lovers of the sea and sailing, in hope that the preservation of the Adriatic Sea and coastline can co-exist harmoniously with sailing yacht charter.

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